Construction Update March 2024


After the stormy weather during the Christmas and January periods which required some restoration works, we’re pleased to advise that construction is progressing well within Stage 1 of the estate.


Roads and pavement progress is bustling along with kerb and footpath installation expected to be complete in the coming weeks. Asphalt will be laid in approximately mid March which combined with adding topsoil and grass to the blocks, will totally transform the look of Stage 1. Fencing to Yass Valley Way and final landscaping is set to occur towards the end of March. Infrastructure service works are continuing with stormwater, gas, lightpole and NBN installation in the final stages.


We anticipate the physical completion of construction mid year and will keep you up to date with progress or any changes in the program.


Additionally, we have recently launched Home and Land packages on a number of selected blocks within Stage 1. You can have a look for yourself here.


As always, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact the team on


Have a great day!

The Hamilton Rise Team

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